Sunday, December 04, 2005

Still noodling nose art

I haven't had any response to my information requests re: getting a vinyl decal made from the pirate picture, so I'm still considering alternatives for the overly bland nose on the RV.

I thought of trying to head in the direction of adding more F-86 like details. Here's a picture of an F-86 I took while I was up at Oshkosh:

I spent a few hours hacking around in Gimp and came up with this:

Pardon my poor artistic skills, please. The elllipses are supposed to look like the machine gun ports on the actual Sabre. I had thought I'd like to just paint the NACA ducts black and just have one simulated port, but that didn't look right, so I added the blacks ellipses. I don't like the location, though. I think I'd move them closer to the front of the plane. The black airbrush effect behind them is intended to simulate gun smoke stains. I saved them on top of the only image I had with the new red stripe added, so it's too late to move them without having to re-draw the red stripe. You'll just have to imagine it. The stripe may be exactly the right choice as neither Co-pilot Egg or her mother even noticed it at first. I think that means it looks "right," although I think if needs to move towards the back by a few inches.

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