Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Pictures

Randomly selected:

Yes, there were some RVs at Oshkosh

I didn't take very many pictures of them, though. There was an RV-8 with an outstanding paint job (technically, anyway - as a matter of personal taste, I don't particularly like it), a 4-seat RV-6, the factory EVO F1 Rocket, an F1 with a pair of fake (presumably) guns, and a formation fly-by:

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I still owe you pix from Day One - here they are!


Oshkosh, Day Three

Another hot one, and being the third day of walking, walking, walking, my back, neck, shoulders, legs, and anything else external that is capable of hurting, is. I took it a little easier today, spending most of the day slowly strolling around taking a picture now and then. I'm glad this was the last day - I'm only sleeping 5 or so hours a night and the heat and exercise is taking a toll. Three days seems to be pretty much the limit of my interest in doing nothing but full immersion airplane watching.

I did get some more nice ground pictures, but yet again the sky was very unfriendly when it came time for the afternoon air show. The blue skies of the morning invariably give way to solid overcast, which doesn't provide the contrasting backdrop required to get good aerial shots. I did the best I could with the edits, but the only way to even remotely bring out the colors of the planes is to pump up the saturation and really over do the sharpening. Still, the composition of some of them is pretty nice, so I'll go ahead and upload a few.

Oh, and my purchase of the day was a "Girls With Wings" baseball cap for Co-pilot Egg. We've been sharing the AOPA hat I got last year, and I'm tired of having to re-size it all the time!