Friday, November 24, 2006

Farm Visit

It's always a good sign when it's the bright sun sneaking through the window shades that wakes me up in the morning, particularly when I'm hoping to fly. Today we had a nice high pressure area to give us clear, crisp skies, and the promise of great visibility a little later in the day. The altimeter was 30.30, the temp was 30, and I'm down to half tanks of fuel, so Co-pilot Egg and I enjoyed a 1000 fpm climb at 135 knots. The engine and wings love the cold dense air like a Husky loves the snow, so we took a few minutes en route to just frolic around the sky a bit.

I don't know what it is about Versailles-Darke Co. airport but no matter what the winds are everywhere else, there is a direct crosswind from the south at KVES. I held a good 15 degrees of left crab on approach to runway 27 but managed to get it converted into the left bank / right rudder combination to land straight down the runway. Egg thought it was a pretty good landing, considering.

We had a nice visit and I was able to get in a walk down to the creek to take some pictures. I ran into a couple of the horses too. The light was pretty good and the sky was a very photogenic shade of blue, so I tried to get some sky in most of the pictures.

Egg too a couple of shots on the way home. You can see how clear the air ended up being after the slightly hazy morning.

Egg got some stick time today. She's been reluctant to try her hand at the RV, but today was the day that she decided to give it a go. She did pretty good, but she still has trouble seeing out the front. She did what she always did in the Tampico: she flew by instruments. That's a bit harder in the RV since I have a CNN attitude indicator (it always leans to the left - har har) but she was able to hold course pretty accurately by using the GPS. I'm happy to have her learning to hold altitude and course so she can help me out when I need to look at charts or whatever, and distracting her from her normal in flight activities of playing cell phone ring tones through the headset microphone or randomly flipping switches to see that surprised look on my face now and then is a good thing too.

The landing back at Bolton was only so-so, but Egg again refrained from harsh judgement and deemed it "Ok." That's pretty good, considering!

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