Friday, May 04, 2007

Why we have kids

It's because indentured servants are so darn handy:

Well, that, and because you never know when you might need a kidney!

Seriously, though, this was a big day for the co-pilot. She's waited a long time to be big enough to drive the mower and actually, you know, mow. I've let her drive it around when we had the trailer attached to haul mulch, etc. around the yard, but this is her first time actually mowing. I still had to do around the fence, trees, and other obstructions, and I gave her a big buffer area to turn around in at each end. She did the long, boring back & forth passes in the back yard, though, and given the bumpy ride across those long stretches, it was greatly appreciated. The yard is mature enough now that the only foreign objects that we have to watch out for are the golf balls the [various pejoratives considered, deleted] next door chips over the fence and doesn't retrieve. Well, those, and frogs. I hate running over frogs. In any event, she seemed to enjoy it, and I know for sure that my frail, aging body appreciated the respite.

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  1. Synchronicity Alert: I blogged today about my new Craftsman riding lawnmower! I might get to use it someday, too, when my wife gets tired of mowing the yard!

    And yes, you are right, this is what kids are for. But then they grow up, go away to college and, eventually, find their own yards to mow. Its the Circle of Life, I suppose.