Friday, June 22, 2007

Ankle Update

Still not able to fly, but the swelling is down from 'Michael Moore' to somewhere between 'Alec Baldwin' and 'Al Gore.' Fortunately, it never got as bad as 'Rosie O'Donnell.' Had it, I would have insisted on amputation. The color is improving as well, and it's no longer as many shades of purple as The-Artist-Formerly-and-Currently-Known-As-Prince's wardrobe.

It never really hurt all that much after the second day, which is a definite plus. I won't know the prognosis for sure until I can get in to see a specialist next Tuesday. That was the earliest appointment I could get, and it involves driving all the way cross town. The office closer to home was booked solid until mid-July. I considered trying Cuba, where they reportedly have world-class medical support free-for-the-asking, but the idea of paddling a rubber raft from Miami to Havana, (against the prevaling raft current, such as it may be) was too daunting.

I'm getting around without crutches for short distances, but I'm still a little leery of braving the basement steps so I could at least work on the kayak. I've been doing a lot of reading to kill the time, and I recommend John Nance's new book (Orbit) for a bit of escapism, should you feel the need. I'm currently working through a murder mystery called The Pale Blue Eye, by Louis Bayard, and enjoying it quite a bit.

So, one of my more boring postings, but what can I say - my non-flying life isn't nearly as interesting, even to me, as my flying is. I hope to be back in the air some time next week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Get well soon, Dave. You know, I'm sure we can find a builder who'd bring over a stack of wing ribs for you to deburr. You can do that sitting down, you know.