Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weather Change, Pain Patterns Unchanged

The first doctor that I had look at my sprained ankle was either a patholgical pessimist or just wrong. Either works for me. Perhaps dazzled by the brilliant hues of the painful looking bruises and purple toes of my left foot, he proclaimed the worst: it will never fully heal, and you will feel pain during changing weather patterns.

The former didn't bother me greatly as my sedentary lifestyle doesn't include things like Olympic weight lifting, pole vaulting, or extreme downhill shopping cart racing. The latter was a different story. It seems to me that people that can "feel" weather changes are actually feeling changes in the ambient atmospheric pressure. Well, that would be bad for me, you see, because pilots of small, unpressurized airplanes like Papa go through pretty rapid pressure changes every time we fly! What is it, 1" of pressure drop for every 1000'? It's something like that, anyway. A 2" change in atmospheric pressure change across a four minute period would be a mighty strange weather event indeed, but is routine in the airplane.

Not to worry, though. We had a big thunderstorm blow through last night, and I didn't feel anything at all unusual in my ankle. It was just the normal thunderstorm hassle: Brave Sir Hogarth, The Mightiest of All Canine Hunters, (when danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled...) hears the thunder long before we do. Feeling that it is his job as the Canine of the House to awaken us, apparently so that we can protect his 85 lb. lilly-livered canine derriere from the fearful monster appproaching our abode from the west, we were awakened in the usual manner at roughly 2:00 am.

Brave Sir Hogarth, Slayer of Hider From Thunder

The "usual manner" is a combination of breath panted directly into the face, combined with a paw clawing at the side of the bed. I think it's the rotten innertube smell of his breath that is the more effective, truth be told. In any event, all was normal. That's good.

But man, am I tired today!

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