Thursday, September 13, 2007

Middle School Football

Co-pilot Egg wanted a ride to her school's football game tonight, and since I just went flying last night I was able to oblige. She also wanted Daddy to fade into the background rather than provide hours of endless embarrassment in front of her too-cool-for-school friends, but in that I was unable to oblige. No, I decided to re-live some of my old glory days as the school photographer, except this time I'd be using a nicer camera and I wouldn't have to develop my own film and make my own prints like I did way back then.

Our team won 8 - 6. But, those teen years being what they are, that's not the story of the night. No, the big story is so-and-so flirted with such-and-such, even though "so" doesn't really like "such" all that much, and the whole thing was just to get back at somebody-or-other. Ah, youth.

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