Sunday, March 02, 2008

A not so great day in the Boat Works

My temp worker made an appearance in the shop toady which is always welcome, but the results of our labor are not promising.

Being of the teenage girl persuasion, I was only able to procure slightly more than half of her attention, while the remainder was utilized in important telephonic discussions surrounding the topic of "boys":

We were drilling the match holes that we would use to attach the first of the top side panels. The join did not go well, as you can see from the following series of pictures:

Those gaps are pretty extreme, and I have no idea what I'm going to do about them. I beat a quick retreat from the problem, hoping that some idea regarding how to get a better fit between those panels will miraculously pop into my head. I don't think tie down straps are going to work this time.


  1. i tolt you, clamped up in the gap part run a jig saw where they are touching. this will act as a
    'file' if you will and be able to take them down bit by bit till it is good. i would at least try on scrap to see what i am talking about. i used to do this when welding odd shaped aluminum that was not fitting.
    leon c

  2. Leon -

    You're right, and I actually did some of that but didn't mention it in the post. There were areas in the middle where I could see that thinning it out a little bit would allow the gaps to narrow a little bit.

    I think there are probably more areas where I can use the same method to tighten it up some more. The trick might be in keeping the left and rights sides symmetrical, but if I only do it enough to get the gaps down to a size that would be ok to just fill in with epoxy/sawdust paste I think that would be ok.

  3. Put some duct tape over those nylon thingees. It'll be alright.

  4. Well, as they say in the movies: "That's just crazy enough to work!"

    Or, as I say: "Hey, I'll be in the other boat anyway!"