Friday, September 19, 2008

Plane back together, Brave Sir Hogarth doing fine

Co-pilot Rick and I got the newly corrosion-free aileron back on the plane a couple of nights ago. Piece of cake, mostly, with the only wrinkle being the incompleteness of one of the diagrams that I drew to make sure I remembered where everything went. Rick brought along a tool that I had never heard of, and turned out to be worth more that its weight in gold: a washer wrench.

It's a very clever idea, the washer wrench. It holds washers in place while you install the bolt and nut. That sounds like a simple operation that shouldn't require a special tool, but some of the washers were slid into very tight confines and even with the washer wrench to hold them it can be quite difficult to keep them in place long enough to get the bolt properly aligned. I don't have much recurring need for a tool like this, but when you do need one, you really need one.

Regarding Brave Sir Hogarth, I recently discovered a lump the size of a golf ball under the skin near his left shoulder. Mako, one of the dogs the preceded Hogarth, died at a relatively young age from canine lymphoma, which exhibited itself with large tennis ball sized lumps in her belly. Once bitten, twice shy. Even though the all-knowing Google told me that Hogarth's lump was different and quite routine in dogs his age, I decided to take him to the Vet for a check-up.

We waited a good 45 minutes past our appointment time before the Vet got around to seeing us, a delay for which he was profusely apologetic. I told him not to worry since Hogarth is "a patient boy." 'A patient' - get it? Well, don't feel bad. Neither did the Vet. Not my best effort. Banter Amp(tm) only set to level three due to stress over Best Friend's condition. Not to worry, though. An aspiration of the lumps (there turned out to be two of them - one down by his groin. Gee, how'd I miss finding that one??) showed that it was just a pocket of fat. Still, "was it diet that caused that?" Nope, not at all. That's good news for Brave Sir, because he really, really likes his weekend treat of bacon grease poured over his kibble. Heck, I'd probably eat kibble too if it had bacon grease on it! Me and my boy, we love our bacon!

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