Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Cold

Fall Cold? Yeah, I got one. And the Weather-out-the-Window(tm) also fits the bill:

It looks like it will be another day of staying in and finding ways to fill the time. Madden '09 on the Wii, which was worth the purchase price for the new 5-on-5 mode alone, will help. I like the 5-on-5 because it helps geriatric old players like me to pick the receivers out of the crowd. The simplified play calling helps me quite a bit too. It's rough & tumble fun!

When I first got addicted to Guitar Hero on the Wii, I used to joke that I couldn't wait for them to come up with Wii Bagpipe or Wii Orchestra Conductor. I pre-ordered Wii Music yesterday, my first-ever pre-order:

As shown above, you can play as the conductor. And one of the sixty available instruments is.... the bagpipe. I am soooo prescient, even when I'm just being a smart-ass!

I checked the comments on my Bucket List post, and darned if there wasn't the offer of an opportunity to operate a backhoe. I know that this doesn't seem to be all that exotic of a wish, but there's just something about moving large amounts of dirt with the precision inherent in the scalpel-like backhoe that appeals to me. So, who's got a helicopter? Or a tank?

Brave Sir Hogarth, who is anything but a stranger to his nether regions, has been showing even greater attention to that area than normal. I got him on his back this morning and made an aerial survey of the area. I found a flea! I believe this to me my fault. I must have picked one up when petting the beautiful Faygo at The Farm(tm).

She's a sweetheart, but she's somewhat Palinesque in her love of the outdoors. (Note to New York Times: I am NOT insinuating that Sarah Palin has fleas. Dig up your dirt elsewhere. In fact, I know a guy that can hook you up with a backhoe.)

I tried to watch the newest Indiana Jones movie last night, but was unable to sit through it. It felt very contrived and formulaic. It's a shame because I find Harrison Ford to be one of the saner Hollywood types, the whole Calista Flockhart thing not withstanding. To each his own and all that. But he digs planes, and is very active as a spokesman for the EAA. Stand up guy, if impressions matter. But that movie was awful.

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  1. You know, a guy at AOH owns a helicopter and does a lot of fairs and such with it. Not sure if he'd do instruction or not, but I could get you his email.

    Also, my uncle works at the GD Tank Plant here in Lima and is a tank driver/tester there. I am pretty certain they don't allow anyone to drive them though, so that might be an Incredible Adventure thing. I'll have to ask him about tours/rides/etc one of these days.