Monday, November 03, 2008

Yo! Other morning commuters, listen up!

Hey, gas is $1.96 a gallon now. Can we just get over the whole 55 mph in a 65 zone thing? Oh, and the zero-to-thirty time of a minute and a half (in a 45 mph zone, natch)? You know, at least until the prices rocket up again or we get some snow/ice or something?

I'm just sayin'.


$1.84 today. I drilled a small hole in my gas tank to let it leak out just because I'm having so much fun buying it these days! Well, no, not really. But still - $1.84!!


  1. That makes me smile: here in Ireland we're at the equivalent of $5.40 per gallon. Avgas, wait for it .....$12.40 per gallon.


  2. Wow. That's great. Here in eastern IN, the best I've seen so far is $2.18.

  3. Heh, I filled up this morning for $1.91. It's finally down to a price where I can go back to my inexplicable (OCD?) habit of bumping the final price to the nearest nickel. When it was $3.99, the smallest bump added $.03 and I could never seem to catch that elusive $nn.05 or $nn.00 amount.

    Happy days? They're here again!

  4. Now your just teasing :-)

    It's a fair cop. I am!!