Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's hump day!

And no, by 'Hump Day' I do not mean Brave Sir Babyhumper will be "entertaining" guests again. No, I mean it in the traditional sense, which is that it is the day that I begin looking at the weekend weather forecast in the hopes that I can do some long overdue flying. The Weather-out-the-Window&trade isn't overly promising, though, with a light dandruff of snow and a chilly 15° F, but if I know anything at all about Central Ohio weather it is that the weather we have today tells us nothing at all about what we will have three days from now. Or three hours from now, for that matter. 

We've had a few days in a row now with highs in the 38° to 44° range and this has melted away most of the frozen precip that was blocking Papa's way out of the hangar. It doesn't appear that the dusting of snow that we received last night is going to have any significant or lasting impact on that,  so hopefully access will not be a factor.  If everything aligns such that I can actually get out and fly, I have two or three possible destinations lined up. Interestingly (or not - you can vote with the little check box thingies at the bottom of this post), they all involve eating. 

I could go to Zanesville (KZZV) where, as I recently learned, there is a Denny's only a mile from the airport.  I really liked their Sopranos-like Super Bowl commercial, so I'm in the mood for a Grand Slam. We don't have Denny's in Columbus for some reason, so I only ever get to eat there when I go to Oshkosh. I could also fly out to Salem Airpark (38D) where there reportedly is a very nice diner. Finally, I could try (yet again) for the Flying Turtle at Mansfield (KMFD).

Decisions, decisions. It doesn't pay to agonize over it right now, though, since there is a very real chance that the weather will be cruddy, the taxiways will be icy, or Papa's battery may be dead after another protracted period of disuse. I'm hoping for the best, though, as I am really starting to miss my time with Papa again.

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  1. I'm hoping to take my FCC Technician License test that morning in Findlay and then log some Hobbs time around lunch. Let's hope for the best and plan for 38D!