Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why it's oh-so-cool to live by an airport....

From my front porch:

And how cool is this? Here's the opposite picture taken from that little door just in front of the tailwheel:

In unrelated news, we have house guests for the weekend. They brought their dog Mookie with them, news that I initially thought foreshadowed a weekend of trying to keep Brave Sir Hogarth, he who remains convinced that he should be the only dog on the planet, from killing the interloper. As it turns out, Hogarth has met the only dog that he has ever liked. They've spent the weekend playing with each other and having a grand time!

Mookie is a Chihuahua/some-kind-of-brindle dog like a boxer or pit bull. I've taken to referring to him as either a Chibrindle or a Brindlehuahua. He's a tiny little guy, but he stands up to Hogarth, and that seems to make all the difference. In fact, the funniest thing I've ever seen is that little dog launching himself off of the sofa and onto Hogarth. It's been quite enjoyable to watch Hogarth come to the realization that he could have been having a great time with other dogs instead of constantly being, well... an asshole about the whole thing. Pardon the somewhat harsh vernacular; sometimes the situation just insists on a forthright description.

So, here's Mookie:

And check out this awesome self portrait:

Hint: it's all in the eyes...

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