Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oshkosh: A few pix that were trapped on my cell phone

Two hints that you're driving to Oshkosh:

Hint 1: You're stuck in Chicago traffic.
Hint 2: You're stuck behind some dude pulling a helicopter.

These are a couple of pics from the rib building workshop:

And completely apropos of nothing, here's the odometer on my Miata crossing a huge generational demarcation. It's officially an old car now:

Still runs great, though.


  1. Gheez...I lived around Chicago for many years. I never realized that they had any 73 MPH zones there.

  2. Indiana has 70 mph limits on their highways. I allow a 5% buffer due to an inaccurate speedometer. GPS measured speed showed me to be well within legal limits.

    That's my story, anyway.

  3. I'll be honest... 123,456 is a much more fun odo reading.

    Don't worry, your time will come.