Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cruise: Day 5 - More Shopping!

I’m sure that you’re just dying to know, so let me start out by saying yes, there was shopping at Roatan. If fact, if you ever want to get a chuckle out of an older guy who plainly has lost interest in the endless shopping on the third out of four stops, walk right up and ask him if he agrees that we could have just saved a couple of grand each and taken our respective spouses to the mall.
It's a very pretty mall, though

I think Roatan was by far the best stop of the entire trip. The shopping area, while suffering the demerit of being, well, a shopping area, had the advantage of being spacious and attractively landscaped. Plus there was a three-man xylophone(?) group playing calypso style music. We didn’t have a whole lot of buying to do, but the cruise director had seen an advertisement that intrigued her. It touted the benefits of a special type of nail polish that changes color when it senses ultraviolet rays. In other words, it changes color outside. She couldn’t seem to decide between one that changed to purple when outside or one that was purple while inside and changed to something else outside. Since it was intended for daughter Erika, whose favorite color must be purple, I suggested that we just wait until we get home and buy her some that’s purple all the time.

You know that look of disgust you can get from a woman? I got it from the cruise director AND the shop girl. That’s when I went outside (I remained the same color, disappointingly) and made the suggestion about just having stayed home and gone to the mall.
Approaching Roatan

Roatan Shrimpers

The shopping aside, Roatan also was the only stop with a built-in beach. Both Cozumel and Grand Cayman had beaches, but you had to travel to them either with an exorbitantly priced shore excursion or take your chances with a local taxi. Roatan’s beach was just a simple walk across a short bridge from the pier area. As with beaches around the world, it was hot and crowded. We stayed just long enough to wade in the ocean for a little while and to show the first stages of starting to change color to a sunburned red before heading back to the ship.
An easy walk to the beach

Once on the ship we did what old, noise-sensitive people do after being kept up late by a deck party on their roof: we napped.

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