Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sixth Flight - cleared for solo!

We headed out west this afternoon mostly to kill off the remaining hour, but also because I wanted to see how long it took to make a trip that I've made many times in the Tampico. The answer: not as long. I really didn't time it, but it was a lot faster.

We made a few landings at various airports. While none of them were as good as last night's, due primarily to the heavier winds we had today, all were recoverable. One, into a grass strip, resulted in a big bounce after I accidentally landed tailwheel first. I handled that with a burst of power at the top of the bounce, which nicely flattened out the bounce and set me up for a decent second try at the flare.

We landed at Madison county as part of the instructor's plan to be dropped off there and have another guy he needed to fly with drop him off at Bolton later. I would have flown from MadCo to Bolton solo. That plan fell apart when the weather started to look pretty threatening. He cancelled his other flight and we headed back to Bolton together.

A few minutes with my logbook and we were done.

Next flight: SOLO!

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