Thursday, October 13, 2005

Right side done

I got the ride side tire and brake pads done tonight, and will do the left side tomorrow. I couldn't get both sides done before the FBO maintenance shop closed. With the shop closed, I wouldn't be able to use the cleaning sink and grease presser for re-lubing the wheel bearings, so I decided to defer the left side until tomorrow night.

It all went quite easily. The new jack makes it trivial to get the wheel off the ground. It's a simple matter to remove the cotter pin and single axle nut, and it was also very easy to remove the brake caliper. The caliper doesn't really get fully removed, you just remove the backing plate that holds one of the brake pads, and slide the caliper off far enough to remove the other pad. I carted the whole lot down to the maintenance shop along with the little tool I bought for removing and replacing the brake pad rivets. I got the head mechanic to walk me through replacing the first rivet, cleaning and re-packing the first wheel bearing, and taking the wheel apart. I did the rest myself back at the hangar.

Getting the new tube in was far easier than I had expected, as was getting the wheel and brake pads back on the airplane. I aired up the tire, safety wired the brake caliper, and had the mechanic come down to inspect the work. Everything looked good to him, so tomorrow I'll do the left side solo.

I can't express enough how helpful everyone is at the airport. The mechanics are always willing to lend some advice, and other owners at the airport are always ready to jump in and help. What a fantastic community!

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