Friday, February 17, 2006

Parts on order

I ordered the blank panel from Vans yesterday. It's only $40 or so, and will provide a pallette upon which to tape magazine cut-outs of various instruments. I hope to be buying a drill press from Harbor Freight this weekend too, although I'm not in any great hurry to start drilling holes in the new panel. The drill press I want is one sale, though, so I'm planning on getting it now even though I won't need it for a few weeks.

I've got a workbench set up in the basement, and also would like to get some nice worklights down there this weekend.

Since I was already placing an order from Van's, I went ahead and ordered a set of pre-view plans. I was tempted to buy the RV-8 plans so I could spend the next year reading through them, but the short-term need to be able to identify RV-6 parts trumped that and I ordered RV-6 plans. I need them for more than just the panel project; there are a few screws that need to be replaced before the annual (some previous owner or mechanic stripped a few of the heads) so I need the plans to make sure I'm ordering the right parts. For the Tampico I had a microfiche parts and maintenance manual and referred to it quite a bit - I assume I'll be doing the same with the RV-6 pre-view plans.

The 35 knot winds we had last night have abated and the ceilings are up to 3,200'. I'm not sure what to expect for the rest of the weekend, but I might be able to get a half hour of flying in this afternoon. Here's hoping, anyway!

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