Sunday, February 12, 2006

Putting on my pants

As a reminder of why I only want to build in my temperature-controlled basement rather than in the hangar, Co-pilot Egg and I braved the 25 degree February weather and went to the hangar to re-install the wheel pants I took off for the tire and brake change last fall. Last time I tried putting the right side on, I had a problem with one of the screws not wanting to go all the way in, so I had been postponing the job until a day when I'd be able to go to Lowes for a replacement screw. Before doing that, though, I decided to try the problem screw in a different hole. That actually worked, which surprised me a bit.

So, I managed to get the pants back on a month before they will have to come off again for the annual inspection. I wanted to have them on, though, in case I make it down to the RV fly-in at Richmond, Ky at the end of this month. One should never, ever go to a crowded fly-in sans pants. It's simply not done.

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