Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just a quick hop to fuel up

My day was fragmented by a family engagement, so flying today was limited to hopping over to MadCo to fill the tanks. We had a smattering of little puffy clouds at right around the 2,500' level, so I took the opportunity to do a little dancing with them. They were nicely spaced for flying a slalom course or climbing a bit above them and making diving "gun runs" at them.

While I was at MadCo, I ran into one of the guys from my A&P class who had stopped by to watch airplanes fly while out on a ride on his motorcycle. I had a bit of spare time, so offered him a quick ride, which he rapidly accepted. He told me that he has a friend that's trying to convince him to enter a partnership on an RV, and I think our brief flight mave have done more to seal the deal than any amount of pleading or coercion from the suitor.

The plane hangared across from me was parked out when I got back, so I grabbed a few pix - this one is my fave:

If the weather's good tomorrow, I'm going to fold up the bike and fly somewhere to take a ride. I've been looking forward to doing that for awhile.

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