Sunday, August 13, 2006

A few more Blackhawk pix from Heritage Days @ DLZ

I mentioned in the postr below that I took a few detail shots of the Blackhawk.

The most interesting part of this panel picture, or at least the most surprising, is that it takes a key to start one of these things:

I wouldn't want to be the guy that got scrambled for a mission and had to run back to Ops to get the key because he forgot to bring it!

The disco mirror ball is intended to confuse missiles aimed at the chopper. The white rectangle there on the left, flush to the skin, is a night light for formation flight:

I tried brainwashing Co-pilot Egg too (I worked pretty darn hard to make sure her first words were "me want airplane") when she was this young - it didn't take. Maybe this guy will have better luck:

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