Monday, September 18, 2006

Photo Printer - a real bargain?

Having just gone through the pain of not having some of my better pictures printed and ready to go for the photo contest (although the ones that I entered were some of the best from the old camera), I decided to price some photo printers. I found that there are two categories, at least from my point-of-view: $100 to print 8x10, way north of $500 to print 11x14. I find 8x10 to just be too small for framing and hanging, but I didn't want a $400 - $500 printer. I happened across this deal on, though:

I love a bargain, the reviews were universally positive (which was most assuredly not the case with the $100 printers I looked at!), and with Amazon I don't have to actually go to a store and deal with the incumbent hassles. I had that baby ordered so fast my mouse was dizzy! That said, there's something bogus about the "regular price" because I've seen this printer commonly priced at around $500, but $370 is still the lowest price I've seen by far.

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