Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Photography contest

Grove City is having a crafts fest and parade this weekend, and one component of it is a photo contest. It's only a little thing with a nominal entry fee, so just for the fun of it I entered three of my favorite printed pictures:

(I wish I had cropped this one a little differently, but it was getting pretty grainy the tighter I cropped. I sent this one to Vans for consideration in their 2007 calendar and got "Ooh, nice shot, but do you have it in a higher resolution" in response. Should have bought the new camera sooner, I suppose.)

(This one looks a lot better at 20" x 30" and framed)

UPDATE: The picture above won an Honorable Mention which, if nothing else, is better than a Dishonorable Snubbing. I also saw a young girl voting for the picture below for People's Choice - between that one vote and the two received from my family, there's still a chance!

(With this one I'm blatantly shooting for the Peoples Choice prize - no one can look at this picture and not want to pet that dog!!)

I have a lot of newer ones that I like as well or better, but I've run out of space to hang them in the house so I've not gotten any of them printed and framed.

I wonder how these three will do. Judging is Friday night, so I'll know some time over the weekend. The entry process was amusing: the info sheet said "All entries MUST be framed, securely wired, and ready to hang with an S hook..." I took that to mean I needed to bring my own S hooks. I tried to stop at the local hardware store, but it was closed (AGAIN!! I keep trying to help these independents compete with Lowes, but they're never open when I try!) so I apologized to the lady handling the entries. She said they already had S hooks, but she "was impressed by my diligence." Heh!

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