Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow Day

Winter just can't take a hint. 25F and snow today, in April!

There won't be any flying today, and through previous experience you all know that means I spend the morning looking at airplane ads. Today's find is this fine looking F1 Rocket:

It had a prop strike, so the engine had to be completely overhauled. It also hasn't got paint on it yet, so between those two price-reducers you get a $150k airplane with an asking price of $120k. I also think this one is being sold by the insurance carrier for the previous owner since I recognize the name of the guy selling it as my insurance agent.

I'm tempted to ask him what the insurance costs on it would be as compared to my RV-6 policy, but it's moot: it's not like I have $65k lying around looking for a good home. Daydreaming about it is a nice way to spend a snowy Saturday morning, though!

On an unrelated topic, I still ponder upgrades to Papa's panel, but I've been having trouble visualizing what it would look like to add subpanels for the new instruments rather than try to duplicate the existing panel with a new blank panel. I came across this RV-6 panel while browsing through the For Sale ads this morning:

That looks ok to me.

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