Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arizona - Day 3, Afternoon walkabout in downtwon Flagstaff

As we walk from the B&B to the parking lot, 11 pairs of husky eyes watch intently to see whether we will go straight to the car, or if we will veer to the left to come visit them. As soon as we take the first step towards them, they rush to the fence, presumably with the expectation of receiving a treat.

After visiting with them for the few moments it took them to realize that we were not, in fact, bearing treats, we headed to a lunch of our own. We selected (because it was right next to the free parking) the Beaver St. Brewery, and a good selection it was.

I had the Brewers Platter, clearly the most phallic choice on the menu. It was a bratwurst and a southwestern (read 'spicy') sausage, sitting on a bed of caramelized onions and sweet & sour red cabbage. There was also a nice dollop of cinnamon apples on the plate, and a large Caesar salad to the side. I sampled two of their micro-brews: a light raspberry (very good) and a red called Railhead Red (even better!).

Many of the original buildings from old Flagstaff are still being used today, and I just had to buy something from Babbit's. I bought a nice pair of Keen's Newport men's sandals to replace the ancient pair of cheapie sandals I've had for decades.

It's a nice little town, but a lot of trains go through. In fact, I thought it would make a nice picture to have a train passing by in front of the old railroad stattion, but naturally there wasn't one to be seen for miles. Typical.

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  1. Spectacular vacation photography, Dave.

    And I liked the post about your brother, too.