Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arizona - Day 3, morning hike

Right after another fabulous breakfast, (eggs benedict today - while you'd expect a good breakfast at a Bed & Breakfast, what with it being fully half of their forte, the breakfasts here are superb!) I walked out of the dining room directly onto a path the leads up into the surrounding hills. Under the most amazingly blue sky, I had a nice hour and a half hike. While I was still close in to the buildings, I walked away from the trail and up through the trees. Once I started getting far enough away that getting lost was a possibility, I stuck to the trail.

As I got far enough into the walk that I could no longer hear the faint drone of the highway or the electronic beeping that personal injury lawyers make every time something larger than a pickup truck backs up, I started leaving pointers back to where I came whenever I got to a fork in the path. In the pictures below, the more obvious one is the one I actually missed and walked right past. Figures. Good thing I eventually ran into a fence!

You might have to click on the picture above to see the larger image to pick out the pointer that I left for myself. It's subtle.

Can you believe this is the pointer I missed, but I didn't miss the one above??

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