Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Hour

Ok, so we have an office happy hour today after work, and I'd love to go, but I have a 35 mile commute home that I have to deal with eventually. This (to me, anyway) precludes the drinking of fermented beverages. Thinking that I might partake of a non-alchoholic brew, I called to ask which brands they carry. Some are no better than sink water, while others are pretty good. Unfortunately, the only one the bar has is O'Douls. I've tried it before and found it, well, wanting. But... rumor has it that O'Douls is now "new and improved," offering a "smoother" taste. "Smooth?" What does that mean? They got the grit out of the original recipe?? Well, a quick web search should answer that question.

Now, it's not that I'm contrarion and difficult my nature, but truth be told, I came across those traits somewhere. When asked for my birthday to gain admittance to product information for a brew that contains no alchohol, I get a little flippant:

So, the developers that put the code behind this window: what were they drinking??

The rest of my day will, of course, be dedicated to finding out exactly how young you have to be to access this information.

Update: you have to have been born no earlier than Oct. 5, 1856. So, if you're 152 years old, no dice. 151 year old? Come on in, Gramps.

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  1. I always found any alcohol age question quite stupid. You can't CONSUME alcohol on the internet so what does it matter? Pr0n on the other hand CAN be 'consumed' on the internet, but very few sites bother to ask for an age (not that I would know, wink, wink).