Thursday, July 31, 2008

Co-pilot Egg promoted to Capt. Egg?

Well, yes, but only temporarily and only in the nautical sense:

We were visiting family in Vermilion, OH, and said family are of a nautical bent. They seem to feel about boats the same way that I've often stated that I feel about airplanes: you need at least two, but no more than five to meet all of your boating/flying needs/desires. They have two: a big Hatteras cruiser, and a slightly smaller Jupiter "fun" boat. They were gracious enough to take us out onto Lake Erie in the fun boat for some tubing (powered by twin Mercurys producing 550 horsepower at 30 gallons per hour!!). Well, to be precise Egg did the tubing, I did the photography/videography and piloted the boat for a little while. And, as you can see above, Co-pilot Egg also wore the Captain's hat for awhile. I'm not sure which she enjoyed more, but you can see that she had a pretty good time:

Note that the 'Thumbs Down' is not a rating of the ride, it is actually her way of communicating to the boat owner that she felt somewhat ignored when she gestured for the boat to be slowed down a wee bit, a request typically made by raising a downward pointed thumb. The smile belies the stridency of her complaint, though. I think she was bluffing.

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