Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back to School - more safety wiring

We finished up (well, almost) safety wiring tonight by heading out to the hangar and finding poor safety wire jobs on some of the planes and re-doing them. Practicing in the classroom is one thing, working on an actual plane is another. I knew that, of course, since I've been safety wiring since way back in my air force days. Still, it was fun to try to find challenging areas on the planes to fix. We spent quite a bit of time doing that, then went back to the classroom to start talking about precision measurement devices such as micrometers and calipers. We'll dig deeper into that next Monday. We will also visit safety wiring one more time as we tackle the subject of safety wiring turnbuckles. That's something I've never done, so I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, I snagged a few pieces of scrap aluminum to take to my hangar and practice drilling holes. I picked up a cheap pneumatic drill at Harbor Freight and a nice collection of 110 drill bits to go with it. It's not a super nice drill, but it will work well enough for practice and any holes I may end up needing to drill.

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