Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's GIMPtastic!

Courtesy of Tom Webster, a local RV builder and graphic artist, I have really nice gun port images. I put those one a not-so-great picture of Papa Golf, along with the red stripe that I really think it needs, and the pirate. The gunports and pirate would go on as vinyl decals, but I think I'd paint the stripe.

So, here it is, love it or hate it:

The more observant long-time readers of this blog will have noticed that the pirate "nose art" isn't actually on the nose. I'm ok with that, though, because upon further review, I have found indisputable video evidence that this is appropriate (although it also indicates that I have more work to do on the shape and width of the stripe):

Actually, I'm not sure I should copy the F-86's stripe exactly as it is. The rest of the red stripes on the RV are pretty narrow, and I think I'd be better off staying with that style. We'll see. I'll GIMP it around some more and see if I can come up with a good compromise.

I also wonder how the pirate would look with that red half-ellipse under it...

Eh, I don't know how to draw a half ellipse, but I did take another shot at the stripe:

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  1. I really prefer the wider stripe, this way the curve at the bottom flows into the curve for the air inlet