Sunday, May 14, 2006

The "buildability" of the RV-10

I'm spending quite a bit of time reading through whatever examples of the RV-10 plans that I can find. For some reason, you can't buy a set of preview plans for the 10 like you can for all of the other Vans planes. After an extended search, though, I found a builder's site that posted pictures of the plans, albeit in pretty low resolution:

Just glancing through a few pages of the empennage (tail) construction, it looks to be far easier than the projects I've been doing in school. Assuming the ability to perform routine sheet metal tasks like shearing, filing, drilling, and riveting, it really does appear to be a lot like putting together a grill, at least in the case of assembling airframe components. Since that aspect would likely take at least the first three years of building, my education in other aspects (such as electrical and engine installation) will have a chance to catch up before they're needed in practice.

Take a look at a few pages of the plans and you'll see that my contention that building an airplane is not one insurmountable task, rather it is a series of hundreds of mundane tasks, is pretty accurate. Having the luxury of already owning a flying RV I firmly believe that the scope of this build, estimated to be at least 5 years, will not daunt me. In fact, I wish I had a tail kit in the shop this morning so I could go down and do some metal work. I'll probably go to the hangar and play with some scrap metal and extra rivets instead.

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