Friday, November 02, 2007

Books - they know things

I had ordered a GIMP book from Amazon a few months ago, but it never showed up. Amazon finally just canceled the order. I looked elsewhere for it, but it was only available used at prices well north of $100. Odd, that. Using man-budgeting, this meant that I now had $100 to spend on GIMP books, so I bought two.

I'm learning a lot from them. Consider this:

Pretty slick, eh?


  1. I'm not a big fan of playing with images but that, black and white backgrou, full colour subject could change my mind. I particularly like the Cub. Something about it being a piece of B&W history but still living and flying today in full colour

  2. Would it be offensive to say that your gimp is improving. Certainly the quality of your photo enhancements is excellent. I come to your blog a couple of times a week to get my flying fix and really like the writing style .

  3. "Would it be offensive to say that your gimp is improving."

    LOL, no, not at all, but I might take just a little offense if you said it wasn't! :-)

  4. these look amazing!! I was never a huge fan of coloring parts of b&w photos either, but there's something kinda fun about it! Plus some turn out to look pretty cool :) I love the Cub photo!