Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why is this so funny?

I can't stop chuckling about this. I called XM today to put by Nexrad service in what they call "end of season" status, but I'm calling "wait until I sell the Anywhere Map and Garmin 295 to get a Garmin 396 and have everything on one package" status. Anyway, it took a total of five phone transfers to get to the appropriate service department, each of whom had to be told my phone number in order to identify my account. Nice transfer process, there. Anyway, what's funny is that each transfer was prefaced with an automated recording that warned me that "I might hear brief moments of silence during the transfer."

I find that humorous, for some reason. So, if a tree falls in a customer service phone queue, does it really make a sound? More metaphysically speaking, can you actually hear silence?


  1. "Gramin"?!?!

    It's okay...grad school isn't for everyone.


  2. LOL, I guess I'd better go back to my normal skill level.