Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November Weather

It's all over the place. Snow flurries as I look out the window right now, but a thunderstorm earlier this week. The thunderstorm had its normal effect on Brave Sir Hogarth, who predictably went into freak-out mode as soon as he heard the approaching boomers.

We were ready this time, though. Having found that the earlier attempt at giving him a bowl of a fermented beverage made of hops and barley caused more problems than it solved, an over-the-counter medication was purchased in the pet aisle at Wal-Mart. The active ingredient of said product is L-Tryptophan, the very same stuff that turkey is chock full of.

Now, the idea that eating turkey makes you drowsy is widely considered to be an urban myth, but I'm not so sure. Not only did the product get Brave Sir Hogarth through the intestine-twisting stress of a thunderously loud weather event by calming him down, further evidence of the efficacy of the tryptophan amino acid is demonstrated by the great difficulty we are now having in getting him off the sofa, where he is lolling around insisting that we "get some damned football on the TV!"


  1. Try Benadryl on ye olde pet. Works pretty good at our house although, I swear, the beast completely hyperventilates when thunderstorms approach.

  2. We used to have a Shelte who was, except in times of inclement weather, the sweetests, most well-mannered dog I have known.

    But when it stormed, she would totally freak out and bark herself hoarse and us crazy. We got to where we would lock her in the bathroom with the lights on. Oddly, something about being confined in close quarters during the booming comforted her. And with the lights on, she couldn't see the lightning.

    She spent numerous nights in the bathroom.