Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The AirPigz Video

This is the video resulting from Saturday's trip to Warsaw (Indiana, not Poland):

AirPigz and Dave Gamble's AarrrrV-6! from AirPigz on Vimeo.

We did that interview unrehearsed and in one take. I think that was beneficial - if I had had too much time to stew about it, I don't think it would have gone as well.


  1. You did the video without pants?!?!

  2. Yeah, and that probably violated the terms of my probation. It all started when I drove the Miata with my top down.

  3. Very enjoyable.It sure did capture the essence of what RV's are all about. One take ? Wow. Nice job. Beautiful airplane. It's the "second" nicest RV around :0)
    Bernie Ockuly, RV7A, N914E, 542 hours, 1,167 landings, 1,285 rolls, 108 gallons of smoke oil, since 9/11/05