Monday, April 20, 2009

There are two sides to every story

This is the story from the other side of the ride that Papa and I took with Lynda from Girls With Wings:

It's a rare treat for me to see how things looked from the other point-of-view. As they say, a good time was had by all!

I left a comment on Lynda's story:

"Was he laughing at me?"

No, empathizing. The same thing happens to me now and then. I've just learned to recognize the signs - not everyone will confess to how they're feeling for some reason - so I keep an eye on how're they're looking.

One of my life dreams was to fly in a Pitts Special biplane. When I finally got to do it, I had to ask to go back to the airport after only 20 minutes. I felt horrible, but that part is all a distant memory. What I do remember far more clearly is the flight itself, how the airplane felt in my hands, just how uncomfortable 5 negative Gs is, and what an awesome experience it was. Oh, and how hard it is to see out the front of a Pitts, even in the air.

I've been thinking all weekend about what you said as we were flying over my house: I truly am lucky. One of the best aspects of giving rides in an RV is how the wide smiles people wear serve to remind me just how incredibly special it is that we have the freedom to fly the way we do, and how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful machine to do it in.

Maybe we can get a do-over on the Mexican food next time you're in town, or grab some of those ribs at the airport. It's super easy to get me to go to either of those places.

The freedom to fly where and when we want to is truly one of our more precious freedoms. And there are few better ways to do it than sharing the experience in a Van's RV!

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