Saturday, August 06, 2005

Landings, again

The weather conditions were great for practicing landings: cloudy so it wouldn't be so hot, and hardly any wind. No wind, no excuses.

None needed. While I still got a kind of chattering bounce while braking, for the most part there were no bounces. I'm still holding full back stick once I get it on the ground, so that might be keeping the mains light and letting them bouce a bit under braking. I thought of that too late - it'll have to wait until the next time to try less back pressure on roll out.

That hour took me over the minimum requirements for carrying passengers, so I took my daughter for a ride later in the afternoon. She really enjoyed it, although I'm going to have to bring a booster cushion for her next time. She gave me a barely passing grade on the landing - good thing I practiced in the morning!

Her favorite feature seemed to be the 12V power adaptor. She thinks she'll be able to plug her portable DVD player into it and watch movies on long trips. I haven't asked her yet how well she thinks she'll be able to hear the movie....

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