Friday, August 05, 2005

Landings, landings, landings

I didn't talk much about my landings going to and returning from Oshkosh. One of them I simply don't remember - the entire approach and landing process at Oshkosh was so fraught with peril that I don't even remember the actual touch down.

The rest sucked.

I can't put my finger on what exactly I'm doing wrong, but the symptom is obvious and apparent: bounce bounce bounce.

The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow. I think I need to task myself with at least an hours worth of stop & goes. I'm going to try more of a wheel landing style that a full stall 3-point style. I've been trying to hold off on flare until I get the full stall, but that seems to invariably lead to a tailwheel first touchdown and a resulting bouncefest. I'd like to try just getting into a nose high attitude, letting it settle on, then releasing just a smidgen of back stick to put a bit more weight on the wheels. This may not work, of course, but it seems worth a try.

I've tried thinking back to the RV rides I had before I started flying my own, but can't remember anything about the landings other than that they didn't suck like mine. That's more depressing that helpful.

I console myself with the fact that those guys had 100s of hours in their planes - I have 19. And 9 of that 19 were on cross country flights, so there were relatively few landings involved. I think (and hope) that it's just a case of needing practice, practice, practice. Of course, it helps that practice is fun in this case!

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