Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tampico in contract!!

I should be getting a signed contract and a deposit check from FedEx today from a buyer in Los Angeles. He's a student pilot, currently flying a Cessna 150. He's sure going to love that Tampico! I know I'm a biased source, but he's getting a hell of a good deal.

The only fly in the ointment was that he needed the plane delivered to him in Los Angeles, and it looked like I was going to have to fly it out there. I have no objection to flying out west - I've wanted to do it for years. The problem is, I'm very spoiled by the RV-6 now, and the idea of dragging a 100 knot airplane all the way out there doesn't appeal to me anymore. Best case scenario is 17+ hours of flight time. With weather and winds, that could take 3 or 4 days. Precious vacation time would have to be used. Well, I was talking to my mechanic about that, and he popped up with the news that the FBO had just bought a Cessna 172 that's out in LA, and they were going to send a ferry pilot out there to get it. "Why don't you have him take the Tampico out for you?" Great idea!! So, if everything works out, I won't have to deliver the plane after all. That will be a big relief!

In a case of feast or famine, I got a phone call last night from a prospective buyer that I had talked to a couple of weeks ago. At the time, he was unable to secure financing for the amount I wanted for the plane. He said he'd check with other banks. I've heard that many times now, and at this point I simply discount it as a negotiating ploy. I had never actually heard back from one of these guys. Well, this particular one apparently managed to get financing from another source, although he was still almost $1000 below my price. When I told him that he was too late and that I had sold the plane to a buyer that was paying my price and had sent a deposit check, he got a little steamed. He apparently thought I was going to refuse all other potential buyers until such time as he could secure financing. This, to me anyway, is a ludicrous expectation, but it still bothers me that he hung up on me. I don't see what I could have done differently, but I never like having people pissed off at me if I can help it. Oh well, nothing to be done about it, and I'm very, very happy that the Tampico sold, especially to someone I think will take good care of it.

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  1. Congrats on the sell. Are you sending the liscense plates out there too?