Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another canoe piece cut

At some point late last night, I woke up thinking that I had better cut the bottom piece of the boat before I cut the second side piece. The bottom piece is centered in the 4' x 8' piece of plywood, and the measurements are from the long edges. If I were to cut the second side piece, the edge that I need to measure to the center piece marks would be gone. With that in mind, I laid out the center piece marks and drew the curved lines:

(Note that I deliberately blurred the plans in this picture. I got to thinking that Bateau wouldn't be thrilled with having high resolution pictures of their plans on the internet)

The cutting went a little easier this time since there were no real tight turns to make:

The next step will be to cut out three more of the side pieces and one more of the bottom piece. I'm going to use the parts I've already cut out as templates to draw the cut lines for the other pieces. Even with that, the parts will no doubt have slightly different dimensions because I am by no means precise when wielding the circular saw. I think when I get the rest of the parts cut, I'll stack them up with their brethren and see if I can get them all into roughly the same shape by sanding the edges.

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