Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting my money's worth on shipping

I ordered a small package from Best Buy. The local stores were all out of stock on the item, so I elected to have it shipped for the nominal sum of $2.49.

Best Buy apparently uses an arrangement between UPS and the US Postal Service, presumably due to some sort of efficiency gain. I don't think it's working. Consider the web tracking report for my package:

The package departed Groveport, OH two days ago. Groveport is 12 miles away from my house. The package, rather than being delivered by UPS to my house, was instead delivered to the USPS. They shipped it to Cincinnati. As of this morning, the package was still in Cincinnati.

The UPS truck just drove by my house five minutes ago. The package is predicted to finally arrive at my door two more days from now.

If you consider the effort and mileage involved in delivering my package 12 miles using this method, $2.49 seems like a real bargain. Of course, when it comes to package delivery, efficiency is measured in time. Ergo, I don't think Best Buy is gaining much from this convoluted arrangement they're using.

Update: Jan 10, 2008:

And there it sits, mired in package purgatory:

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  1. I've done this same shipping deal and I'm sure it's so cheap since the USPS gets their satisfaction of holding up your stuff for as long as possible. Unfortunately mine was coming from Shutterfly and it took weeks! I couldn't believe it.