Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google knows all

I brought the Garmin 295 back from the hangar today to charge up the batteries that I keep in it for backup in case I lose power from the airplane tonight. I spent a little time fiddling around with it, learning how to extract the track files and map them onto Google Earth.

To understand the results, re-familiarize yourself with this trip to Lima earlier this month that I made with Co-pilot Egg:

In this first screen shot of the trip, you can see where we stopped for gas at Madco, and you can see the leg where Egg was doing the flying:

The fine ground-to-air shots that Brandon took and sent to me were the result of a low pass down the runway, from which we flew a full left traffic pattern around again to landing. You can see that in the next two:

Back at Bolton, you can see how precise the alignment is between the GPS and Google Earth by the way it shows us right down the center of the runway:

Simply. Amazing.

Blogger, on the other hand, is still refusing to just open the larger image when you click on the smaller picture. Inconvenient, that.

Update: Blogger released a method for fixing the pictures, but it's a bit of a bother to do. Blogger: worth exactly what you pay for it sometimes.


  1. That is certainly a sweet feature! I've nabbed some of my previous flights and threw them on the RR space:

    They are pretty fun to bring up in the GE.

  2. I did that once using a cheap hiking GPS I borrowed. It wasn't quite as precise: it had me taxiing through the grass between the taxiway and runway, then had me doing S-turns during takeoff and landing. While I was a student pilot at the time, I know I wasn't quite *that* bad.

  3. Very cool. I like the way it represents altitude, too.