Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not getting the message

Guess who called today. Go ahead, guess!

Ok, I'll tell you. CCR, Inc.



  1. It just proves that you don't need more than a 5th grade education to work in collections.

    My suggestion:

    Call and ask to speak with a supervisor. When they ask what is wrong, restate your desire to speak with a supervisor and continue to ask for one until you get one. Be sure not to respond to the idiot...ermmm...representative other than to ask for a supervisor.

    Get the supervisor's name and I.D. number, if available (spelling out their name as you write it down tends to be a bit intimidating to them).

    Advise that collection law places HEAVY monetary penalties for companies that continue to call after being told they have reached an incorrect number.

    2¢ legal advice from someone who worked at Household Credit Services. Legal advice is worth what it costs.


  2. I couldn't shake them either. Eventually they quit calling.

  3. Drop your land line and go cell phone only.