Friday, December 14, 2007

How stupid are these people?

We've been getting harassing phone calls from a company that shows up as 'CCR, Inc.' on our caller ID for a few weeks now. They call at least twice a day, and have sometimes called up to five times in one day. When you answer you get a recording insisting that you call someone named Sean Lee back at (866) 250-4656. Yeah, like hell I will. The number shown on the caller ID is 216 896-1172, which is not a real phone number. Well, it's real in the sense that it's 10 digits long, but it's not a number that will be answered.

Finally having had my fill of this, I spent some time this afternoon googling around trying to find out who these punks are. It took awhile to wade through the 100s upon 100s of identical complaints from people having the same problem, but I finally found a web site and contact phone number. There's a lot of dead links - it's no surprise that they move their URLs around a lot.

I finally found them, and urge you to call them at:

Corporate Collection Services, Inc. (CCS)
3220 Chagrin Boulevard, 4th Floor - Cleveland, Ohio, 44122
216-464-2565 Phone * 216-831-4287 Fax

I finally got a snippy woman on the phone (she didn't respond well to my insistence that they stop making harassing calls to my number) who took my phone number and entered it into their system.

"Are you Brett Bush?"

"No, I'm not."

"Ok, we'll remove you from our list."

I then googled my own phone number, and proved to myself in less that 2 seconds that I'm NOT Brett Farking Bush.

Rather than harass me for weeks with phone calls, couldn't they have spent 3 seconds doing that for themselves? Failing that, could they have at least provided a legitimate phone number to call them at?

And they wonder why everyone that finally finds and calls them seems so goshdarned upset all the time.


Oh, and somebody living in Ohio named Brett Bush? Yeah, Google quite easily found him, too.

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  1. Chagrin Boulevard. I like that a lot.

    Seriously, I hate that kind of stuff. Really hate it. I have a similar story that I might use for blog fodder one day soon when I'm feeling extra cranky. But it has additional sublayers of corporate stupidity and saps the energy from my soul every time I think about it.