Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A&P School: Engine Assembly

It was a pretty good night. We should be ready to start hanging the engine back on the plane next week. It's going back together a lot faster and easier than I thought it would, mostly because, as I told the teacher, it's pretty liberating to not really care.

It's not that I don't care about learning how it all works and how it gets put together, mind you. It's just that when you know that the engine/airplane is never going to fly again, there's a slight loosening up in the Department of Stress and Tension.

Tonight we got everything assembled to just about to the point where I briefly considered putting the carburetor back on. I dug it out of the pile of pieces parts to see if it might need to be cleaned up first. A lot of the parts have been pretty gunky, so we've been scrubbing them off in the Simple Green bath.

That reminds me: did you know that if you look down the barrel of a carburetor to see if it needs cleaning, and if, while you're looking down the barrel of the carb to see if it needs cleaning you move the throttle arm, it will spray gasoline in your face?

You did? Really?

Well, thanks for telling me.

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