Monday, February 11, 2008

Snapid, bordering on snafu, no ubid in sight

So, after my wonderful 35 mile commute of this morning, I left the office and walked towards the Miata, with "these things always come in threes, these things always come in threes" running through my head.

I'm not making this up: the car started fine, but wouldn't go into gear. With the clutch pedal pressed as hard to the floor as I could get it, I tried to force it into gear but it started rolling before the gears engaged. "Ah," I thought, "it needs more cowbell clutch." I shut it down and went back up to the office, where I quickly and efficiently utilized my knowledge of how to extract exactly what I need from Google in order to learn how to tighten the clutch. As long as I was there, I also purloined an adjustable wrench from the office toolbox.

For the curious, tightening the clutch is as simple as loosening the jam nut on the clutch pushrod and running the rod out a few threads. That's a snapita, of course, because it's pretty tight quarters down by the pedals in a car as small as a Miata, and even more so when bundled up against the biting cold in a bulky leather bomber jacket.

Still, I was able to get the clutch engaged enough to get me home, so that's something.

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