Monday, February 11, 2008

Ubid morning

ubid [oo'bid]

1. Similar to snapita, except that it means "Unexpected blessing in disguise."

Usage: The Miata snapita turned out to be an ubid.

[Origin: February 11, 2008. David R. Gamble]

0530, 5 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. The Suburu wouldn't start. Had I not charged up the dead battery on the Miata Saturday, I would have been stuck.

Of course, I used the Subie to jump start the Miata, so there may be a cause/effect relationship at work there. I prefer not to think too much about that, though. Kind of an "every cloud has a gray lining" path there, should I choose to follow it.

Oh, and a 35 mile Miata ride at 5F? Not so very pleasant, truth be told.


  1. Do you have any idea which language the ubid definition comes from?

  2. Ubid is an acronym that I made up. I do that now and then.