Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Canoe Sunday

Yet another gray and lifeless day, so no hopes of flying. Thank goodness I have the canoe to work on!

I've been marking and cutting out the forms (the plans call them 'molds') now that I'm done using the sheet of OSB as a protective layer for the floor. It turns out that the idea of buying a Lazarus board to first protect the floor, then morph into an integral part of the build process was sound in principle, but it may be the case that OSB wasn't a great selection, albeit a fiscally responsible one. I'm afraid that the OSB may not be strong enough to use as a fulcrum for forcing the requisite bends in the pine plywood.

I noticed two things when cutting it: merely the threat of a blade is enough to make it decompose in fear, and it smells suspiciously like Corn Flakes when being cut. I'm not sure exactly what this stuff is made of, but recycled wet paper towels is high on my list of possibilities.

In any event, the forms are all cut, and I propped them up in place with this, that, and t'other stuff lying around the basement. So here, for the very first time, is a 3D representation of what the boat will ultimately hopefully look like:

Here's a reminder as to what it is that I'm trying to achieve:

I'm almost to the point where I can start stitching it all together. The one remaining thing to do before that is to butt all of the long parts together and fiberglass them together. I'll probably do that this afternoon before the big football game commercial extravaganza.

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