Saturday, February 09, 2008

Will I ever fly again??

The Weather-out-the-Window(tm) forecast looked foreboding at first glance: it was grayer than a South Carolina Civil War re-enactment. After a half hour or so, though, the sun started breaking through the sludge, prompting me to head for the computer to get a real, FAA-blessed forecast. Aw, shucks: winds are 14 gusting 24. Too rich for me, I'm afraid.

As is becoming my habit, the next stop was the Blue Heron Boat Works, there to continue on the canoe build. With the bottom and lower side chines having been epoxied together over the last couple of evenings, it's time to start stitching them to the molds. I started in the center, mostly because that is the only one that I will be able to precisely locate. The others will require a little fudging back and forth to find the spot that best fits the width of the bottom edge of the molds. This location is shown on the plans, but with the imprecise way that I measure and cut, those are effectively just suggested locations.

So, placing the middle mold on the join line between the bottom halves and drilling holes for the tie straps resulted in this:

Pushing the tie straps down through the top and back up from the bottom:

The middle mold in place:

And, as they said on the Gilligan's Island song before the Professor and Mary Ann re-negotiated their contracts, "and the rest":

The next step is to drill the side chines and loosely stitch them to the molds. That job is already showing the hallmarks of being a real bugger. At least the weather is good enough to get the Miata out for some much needed exercise, so I'm taking a break:

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