Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camcorder update

So, those of you that have suffered through the poor resolution and doofus narration of my previous efforts will be happy, or at least mildly gratified, to know that I have taken delivery on a new camcorder. It's HD, so the resolution issue should be much better than before. And as we all remember, the narration on the old videos was merely to cover the fact that my technical incompetence precluded the recording of live audio. The new camcorder has an external microphone jack, so it should now be possible to record the actual sounds that I hear in my headsets.

The language parsers will have noted my use of "should" in the previous sentence. I would be able to make a far more definitive statement if it weren't for the fact that I'm an idiot. See, I got home from work much later than usual on the day when the new camcorder arrived, so I was kind of rushed when I went out to the hangar to test the microphone. I pulled the plane out, hooked the camera and microphone up, started the engine, and made some test comments through the intercom. It was getting dark and I was pretty tired from my extended day at work, so I also rushed through getting Papa back in the barn and heading home for a well-deserved beer.

So, what happened with the test? I forgot to turn on the power switch on the microphone.

The Weather-Out-The-Work-Window(tm) looks pretty good today, though, so barring another work debacle I should be able to try again tonight.

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  1. Bah.. Details. Looking forward to seeing some HD RVating!